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A Spanish-Speaking Lawyer Serving the Employers of Migrant Workers

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees or contractors are eligible to work in this country. In fact, you run the risk of heavy fines and criminal prosecution if you fail to comply with federal and state employment guidelines. By hiring an effective immigration law attorney to help obtain employment based visas for your workers, you can minimize your risks and protect your company.

I am Davis Tyler, attorney at law, and I help businesses throughout Kentucky, such as horse and tobacco companies, secure employment visas for migrant workers from Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries. I am very knowledgeable about immigration law and can help you skillfully navigate the complex legal process associated with employment based immigration matters.

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Securing Employment Visas for Non-Citizen Laborers and Skilled Professionals

Whether you are attempting to gain legal eligibility for an unskilled day laborer or a highly-skilled technology or medical professional, I will help you properly complete and file all necessary applications. I assist clients with the following immigration issues:

  • H1B visas
  • H2A visas
  • H2B visas
  • I-9 compliance

Regardless of his or her national origin, you need to hire the best candidate available for the job. This is the only way you can provide your customers, patients and students with the best possible products and services.

As a dedicated immigration lawyer, I assist tech companies, hospitals and universities applying for visas on behalf of biological engineers, software engineers, doctors, nurses and professors.

Let me help you handle your employment immigration matters. Please contact me to discuss employment visas. My office is open on weekdays from 8:30 until 5 and located in Shelbyville - about 30 minutes east of Louisville.

¡Hablo Español!