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What is a remote work visa?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Immigration Law

Kentucky and other states throughout the country have seen a large surge in remote working positions. More than ever before, businesses are gearing toward allowing more workers to complete their jobs while staying in their home environment. Some countries are even administering remote work visas for employees who want to travel.

What is a remote work visa?

A remote work visa, also referred to as a digital nomad visa, is a fairly new type of visa being offered by various countries around the globe. This visa is considered to offer mid- to long-term residency up to a year for those who work remotely. In many cases, the visas are being offered without any application fees.

Meeting demand and reaping the monetary benefits

As workers continue to go remote, they are starting to rethink their permanent residency plans. With no physical limitations present for remote workers, many have decided to continually change up their home environment. Instead of living in costly cities, they’re heading to other regions.

Some countries started to realize the need for a mid- to long-term visa that would allow remote workers to stay within their borders. This is what has brought rise to the remote work visa. Countries all over the globe are cashing in on the added wealth that immigrant remote workers are bringing into their cities and towns. Some countries that currently offer remote work visas include Croatia, the United Arab Emirates and Georgia.

If remote work visas have proven anything, it’s the fact that countries are continually adapting to the environments around them. If you’re a remote worker, you may want to consider obtaining a remote work visa from one of the many nations offering them. It’s best to check in with your attorney to determine the specific requirements for the country you’re thinking of obtaining a remote work visa from.