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Immigration Bonds

Attorney Davis M. Tyler understands how important it is to receive legal assistance when you are detained during removal proceedings. Contact my law office to speak with me about your case.

Certain immigrants who violated immigration laws by overstaying their visas, entered unlawfully, and violated their lawful status by being convicted of certain criminal offenses, may be detained by the Department of Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) before and/or during their removal proceedings. Because removal proceedings can last months and sometimes even years, it is of critical importance to contact the Law Offices of Davis M. Tyler as soon as you or a loved one is detained by ICE, so I can evaluate your eligibility for a bond.

An immigration bond is what a person pays the Department of Homeland Security to release an individual who is in immigration detention. People generally get placed in immigration detention when they are caught entering the United States illegally, or have done something to violate their legal status in the United States, such as committing a crime or overstaying a non-immigrant visa.

When somebody is detained for violating an immigration law, the government will evaluate whether they are eligible for a bond. Some people who have committed serious crimes can be subjected to mandatory detention which means they are ineligible for a bond.

Aside from people with a serious criminal background, mandatory detention can be applied to people who have just arrived in the United States at a border or other point of entry, and have no legal basis for being here. Depending on a number of factors, these people may be ineligible for a bond unless they can prove that they have a credible fear for returning to their home country. Credible fear means that they have the possibility of becoming eligible for asylum, and if they can prove this to a USCIS adjudicator, they may be eligible for a bond.

A bond is not available to a person who has criminal issues that make them ineligible, or if they are considered arriving aliens and cannot prove that they have a credible fear of returning to their home country.

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