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An immigration bond can be the key that unlocks the door

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Immigration Law

An immigration bond is a payment to secure the temporary release of an immigrant from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Kentucky or other parts of the country. There are several reasons why undocumented immigrants can end up in an ICE detention center, but in many cases, they can request an immigration bond.

An immigration bond, if granted, will allow that detainee to be released from custody to await their court hearing. To get to this point, however, certain requirements must be met. The detainee cannot be a flight risk or a danger to society. They must show that they have somewhere to live, whether with family or friends, and they must have the money to post the bond amount. If they cannot pay the stated amount, they can ask the deciding judge to lower the amount, but the request is not guaranteed. There is also the option of using companies that will post the detainee’s bail. Nevertheless, these loans are known to bear high interest rates.

No easy way out

Even though an immigration bond is a way out, not all detainees qualify. If a non-citizen comes into the country seeking asylum without going through a port of entry and is caught, they will be arrested and put into ICE custody. That detainee has to remain inside the holding facility until their court date. Unfortunately, the adjudication process could take years.

Sometimes there are no second chances

The immigration bond is a way out provided the detainee is not ineligible according to current immigration law. Therefore, the bond request has to be persuasive and must demonstrate that the detainee will abide by the laws that govern the bond. After the bond matter has been settled, they may be eligible for a bond refund.