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When to apply for an I-539 visa extension

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Immigration Law

If you’re in Kentucky with a B-1 Temporary Business Visitor Visa and want to remain in the country longer, you will need to petition the U.S. government. The extension application is similar to the original but will require valid reasoning and proof for your request. The B-1 Visitor visa is granted in six-month increments and for no longer than one year.

How long can you stay on a B-1 Visitor visa?

When you’re granted permission to enter the United States as a B-1 Visitor, you will receive a term of up to one year to conduct your business. Should you need to stay longer without leaving the U.S., you would apply for the I-539 Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status and include any requested documentation.

Due to the requirements of U.S. immigration law, you should request an extension as early as possible. If your current visa expires, it could adversely affect your extension request. It’s recommended that you apply for the I-539 at least 45 days out from your B-1 Visitor expiration date located on the lower right-hand corner of your visa. Here are some requirements to meet to avoid denial of your extension request:

  • You were lawfully admitted into the United States with a non-immigrant visa.
  • You maintain a valid non-immigrant visa status.
  • You haven’t committed any crimes that make you ineligible for an extended stay visa.
  • You haven’t violated the conditions of your admission into the United States.
  • Your passport remains in accordance with U.S. immigration law for the duration of your stay.

Who can help with your B-1 visa extension?

Conducting business in a foreign country can be demanding. There are language barriers as well as federal, state and local ordinances to obey, and immigration law can be challenging. Forty-five days can go by very quickly, so it is vital to begin the I-539 process early. Seeking an experienced, skilled attorney in immigration law may help you protect your interests while remaining in the United States lawfully.

If you violate your B-1 visa, you can be considered “out of status.” This action could result in the forfeiture of your current passport and any future applications, so it’s recommended that you get legal help to extend your visa.