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Important information about immigration bonds

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Immigration Law

Immigrants who get arrested in the U.S. face many obstacles such as understanding a new language and navigating a complicated legal system. In some circumstances, an immigrant may need to deal with the complicated process of immigration bonds to secure release from incarceration.

A clear understanding of this process can result in a better outcome for individuals facing deportation.

The matter of eligibility

The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota provides information that a detainee seeking bond must prove that he or she poses no danger to the community and will not flee from authorities. Other factors can impact the bond request. Individuals with certain criminal convictions or who have a record of deportation will not receive a bond.

The attitude of the immigrant seeking a bond could also impact the bond ruling. If the Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency believes the individual refuses to cooperate and does not answer questions truthfully, the person in detainment might not meet the eligibility standards for an immigration bond.

The bond hearing

A detainee can request a bond hearing for several reasons. One reason is to appeal a bond denial; a second reason is to request a lower bond amount. A bond hearing requires a long list of paperwork and information that shows the immigrant in a favorable light.

The primary purpose of the supporting documents is to illustrate that the individual has strong ties to the community and does not pose a risk of illegal activities. Evidence that supports this argument includes an I-130 approval notice, proof of relatives who have legal status in the U.S., letters of support and letters showing community involvement.