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The penalties for driving without a license in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Every state has its own laws regarding the penalties for certain traffic infractions. In Kentucky, if the police catch you driving with a suspended license – or without a valid drivers’ license at all – the penalties can be quite severe. It’s good to stay informed about the law, and about what is prohibited – before you get behind the wheel.

What the law says

The Kentucky legislature passed a law back in 1991 that specifically addresses this issue. Under the law, it’s illegal for you to drive – or allow someone else to drive your car – without a license. This applies whether you never had a license, or a court suspended or revoked your license.

If a police officer pulls you over, and you don’t have a valid license, they could charge you with a Class B misdemeanor. This means that you could face up to 90 days in jail and a $250 fine, depending on the circumstances.

What your options are

If you had a valid drivers’ license, but you just didn’t have it with you when the police pulled you over, you can present it in court. That may be enough for the judge to drop the charges against you, or at least decrease the fine.

There are also certain exemptions from the drivers’ license requirement in Kentucky. For example, certain types of farmers and construction workers are exempt from the requirement when driving certain types of machinery. There is also an exemption for certain types of military veterans.

Just because you’ve received a criminal charge does not necessarily mean you will have a conviction. You have the opportunity to prepare a defense with your attorney and present it in court, in an attempt to get the charges against you dropped or decreased.