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How do changes under President Biden impact DUIs and immigration?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DWIs

When taking office, President Joe Biden made various changes to the immigration system. One such change alters how immigration officers react to and handle DUI incidents involving immigrants.

According to the Texas Tribune, Biden’s rules reduced deportation and arrests, which helps to make it easier to avoid issues after a DUI.

Main change

One of the major changes under the new rules is that officers will not focus on deporting you if you have a DUI charge and other minor charges. The focus is now on major threats and those with serious crimes, such as aggravated felonies or any threat to national security.

It is important, though, to understand that breaking the law and ending up in jail will highlight your situation if you are undocumented. Authorities can still take steps against you for a DUI if you are in the country illegally, so the changes under Biden are not complete protection.

A switch

Under the previous administration, the rules were much stricter. It is important to understand that as the president changes, so do policies. You cannot take for granted that the rules put in place by one president will remain when the office changes. So, even though, President Biden’s rules allow you to avoid immediate deportation for a DUI, that could always change in the future.

In general, President Biden relaxed immigration policies. Getting a DUI may not be an automatic issue if you are an immigrant. However, it is important to remember that if your immigration status is precarious or a new president takes office, everything could change.