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Will I get a suspended license for DUI in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DWIs

The penalties for DUI usually include jail time and fines. According to DriveKY.gov, motorists with DUIs on record can also receive license suspensions.

Suspension periods can last months or even years, depending on the nature of the conviction. Keep in mind that the following penalties apply when a motorist has multiple offenses during a ten-year period.

First offense

Drivers convicted of a first DUI offense have their license suspended for a period of six months. They must also undergo a 90-day alcohol or substance abuse program.

Second offense

For second offenses, drivers face a license suspension period of 18 months. They must also receive alcohol or substance abuse treatment for at least one year.

Third offense

By the third DUI offense, the license suspension period lasts for 36 months. The driver must also attend alcohol or substance abuse treatment for a period of one year.

Fourth offense

Like second and third offenses, fourth DUI offenses require the attendance of an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program for one year. When it comes to license suspension, motorists lose their driving privileges for 60 months.

Refusal to take a breath or blood test

Drivers consent to breathing or blood testing when using state roadways in Kentucky. As a result, they can receive a license suspension if they refuse to consent to the test. These license suspension periods range for the same amount of time as the offenses listed above, regardless if the driver was actually under the influence at the time of the arrest.

Drivers can also reduce the license suspension period by signing up for the Kentucky Ignition Interlock Program. With an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, you must submit a breath test before the vehicle starts.