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3 reasons you could end up facing deportation

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Immigration Law

There are several reasons why someone might get deported in the United States. Knowing these reasons is important because by knowing what tends to get people deported, you can take steps to avoid those actions.

The three top reasons for deportation include acts include failing to obey the terms of your visa, committing a deportable criminal offense or receiving public assistance illegally.

Not obeying the terms of your visa

The first reason you could be deported is for violating the terms of your visa. For example, working when you were not approved to work or overstaying your visa could lead to deportation.

Committing a deportable criminal offense

Committing a deportable criminal offense is another potential issue. For example, committing money fraud, participating in an aggravated assault or being involved in a case of domestic violence may lead to deportation in some cases. If you’re facing allegations of a crime, you do have the right to work with an attorney and defend yourself in the same ways as American citizens.

Receiving public assistance illegally

Another way to end up facing deportation is by receiving public assistance that you are not entitled to. When you only have a green card, you don’t have the right to financial assistance from the government. If you accept public assistance within five years of entry, you may become a public charge and then be deportable.

To avoid this problem, remember that your financial sponsor or petitioner is the person responsible for your financial support and well-being. If you cannot support yourself, you may want to look into getting permission to work or finding other legal support to help you stay in the country and get the help you need to survive.

Facing deportation? You have a right to a defense

These are three ways that you could end up facing deportation. If you are in the United States and are at risk of deportation, it’s important that you know that you have a right to a defense. You may be able to protect yourself against the charges and get the opportunity to stay in the United States despite claims made against you.