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How do fiancé and fiancée visas work?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Immigration Law

You can get engaged to be married anywhere. You do not need to fill out paperwork or pay fees to do so, either.

When it becomes time to get married, that’s where things become more complicated. This is even more true if your chosen one is not a United States citizen.

They need permission to come into the country first

You might think that your spouse could sneak in, you marry them, then they claim a right to stay as your spouse. That’s not how it works, and trying that could mean they never get to join you in the U.S.

First, they need to get a  K-1 non-immigrant visa. The authorities will require all sorts of proof to show that you want to marry for love, not convenience. Start gathering old photos or videos of the two of you and documents with both your names on them, such as overseas rental contracts. Even those embarrassing texts you sent to each other at the start of your relationship could help show it is for real. 

You may also be required to attend interviews to find out more about your relationship.

It pays to plan your wedding too

You only have 90 days to complete the marriage if your application is approved. This runs from the day they arrive in the U.S. on the visa. So while you should not book anything until the visa is approved, you may want to draw up a rough plan for the wedding.

As with any visa, the application process can be complex. Yet, with the help of someone who understands immigration law, you could soon be on your way to having your fiancé or fiancée become your spouse.