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What industries do immigrants prefer?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Immigration Law

You’re happy because you were able to get a visa through an employer-sponsored petition, and now you’re in the United States as a legal employee. This was your goal for a long time, and you reached out to the company to see if they would help you come over the border. You’re a major asset to the company, so they were willing to do so.

However, you’re not interested in bringing the rest of your family over to the united states so that they can live with you. Many of them are old enough to work, but they’re not necessarily qualified to work at the company that helped you come to the country. What are the industries that immigrants tend to work in and what jobs can these people look for?

The top 10

The industries immigrants choose depend on a lot of different factors. It may depend on what they are comfortable with, their command of the English language, where they live in much more. But below are the top 10 industries, according to some studies:

  1. Working in a private household
  2. Working in the textile industry 
  3. Working in agriculture 
  4. Assisting people with accommodations and hospitality 
  5. Working in food manufacturing 
  6. Creating or distributing electronic products and computers
  7. Doing laundry services and other personal services
  8. Working in an administrative role and offering support services
  9. Working in the construction industry
  10. Miscellaneous other industries, generally manufacturing

These are just a few things that your family members may want to consider, and getting a visa through a business is one way that they can come to the United States. But you may also be able to sponsor them for a family visa, which means you may have the opportunity to bring them to the U.S. and then allow them to look for jobs once they arrive. Make sure you know exactly what legal steps you’ll need to take.