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Why do young people commit crimes?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When parents find out that their child has been accused of a crime, they are often very concerned and frustrated because they know about the ramifications that this could have on their future. For instance, maybe they immigrated to the United States and are now worried about getting deported, or maybe the child will now have trouble getting into certain schools.

This leads parents to wonder why their children would even do this in the first place. One reason is certainly that the children are not thinking as much about the future as their parents are. They simply may not have considered these long-term ramifications. 

But there are some other reasons to consider, as well:

Peer pressure

One thing that can play a role is peer pressure from their friend groups. It’s very important for young people to feel like they have a sense of belonging. 

If they are involved with a group that tends to break the law, they may engage in this activity simply to show that they are part of the group. This is often why parents are very surprised that their child would act in a different way than they ever would at home.

Brain development

Furthermore, research has shown that human brain development does not actually end until your mid 20s. Someone who is 16 years old does not yet have a fully functioning frontal lobe. This is not their fault, but it can mean that they make poor decisions or don’t analyze their choices carefully enough.

If your child has been arrested, you may need to know about all of the criminal defense options at your disposal. This is especially true if deportation is a real concern.