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5 options for getting a green card

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2023 | Immigration Law

Many immigrants come to the United States looking to lay down roots. But, it can be difficult for many people to get access to the States and stay permanently. One way this can be done is by getting a green card.

How can immigrants get green cards? Here are five potential ways forward:

1. Through the green card lottery 

Immigrants can apply to an annual Diversity Green Card Lottery. Immigrants are selected randomly to get green cards. This lottery helps 55,000 immigrants every year. 

2. Through marriage

Many immigrants find love with someone who is a legal U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. A spouse can sponsor an immigrant and help them earn their green card. But, the relationship must be genuine — not a “sham” marriage that is just designed to get a green card.

3. Through family sponsorship

Alternatively, an immigrant may have a family member who lives in the States. This family member may have already gone through the process and earned their right to be a citizen or lawful permanent resident. Or, the family member may have been born in the States. This family member can become a sponsor and help an immigrant earn their green card.

4. Through education

Many immigrants seek green cards so that they can further their education. Immigrants can enroll in a school and get student visas. Following this path can help many immigrants seek permanent residence (as well as help them find a good-paying job).

5. Through employment

Many immigrants commonly seek green cards through employment. Employers can prove that there are no American workers ready and willing to work at their business. These employers can then file a work visa for an immigrant and then help them apply for a green card in the future. 

If you’re looking to apply for a green card, then you may need to learn your legal options. By understanding your legal options, you may have a better chance of getting permanent residency.