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Can children in the United States help their parents immigrate?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Immigration Law

Children often look up to their parents. They may understand that the hard work and sacrifices of their parents are what led to them having opportunities in life. They often express their gratitude when they are adults by providing care and support for their parents as they age. Yet, that is very difficult to do when parents live in another country.

Someone who legally lives and works in the United States might hope to help their parents do the same. Moving to the United States could help someone’s parents enjoy more comfort and family support in their golden years.

If someone living in the United States has parents who are citizens of another country, when can they help their parents lawfully under the country?

After they become adults

For someone to sponsor their parents for immigration opportunities, they typically need to be a legal adult themselves. Minor children with parents living in another country usually have to wait until they become adults to help their parents enter the country.

When they secure citizenship

An adult child with a work visa cannot bring their parents to the United States using that visa. Permanent residents typically do not have any way to support their parents either. Only citizens of the United States can bring their parents to lawfully live in the country with a green card. Those who qualify, however, could potentially help their parents become permanent residents. In some cases, the desire to reconnect with parents might help people see the value of naturalizing and becoming American citizens.

Learning more about different immigration rules, and seeking legal guidance accordingly, may benefit those with loved ones still living in another country.