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Don’t lose your American dream because of a mistake or misunderstanding

On Behalf of | May 6, 2024 | Criminal Defense

The hustle and bustle of life in the United States is exhilarating. You are busy building a future and etching your story into the fabric of the nation. The last thing you want is to see that future unravel and lose your right to remain in the U.S.

Unfortunately, some criminal convictions can trigger deportation proceedings, threatening to uproot you from the life you’ve created if you weren’t born here. Knowing about these triggers can empower you with the knowledge you need to avoid criminal conduct and take the proper steps after any arrest to safeguard your interests.

Crimes involving moral turpitude

“Crimes involving moral turpitude” offenses are tricky because there is no single, universally agreed-upon definition for them. It essentially boils down to crimes that go against basic moral principles and are considered exceptionally wrong or depraved by most people. Still, clear-cut examples do exist, such as human trafficking and child abuse.

Certain felony offenses

While major felony crimes like kidnapping can certainly lead to deportation, not all felonies carry this risk. The severity of an offense matters more. Being linked to terrorism, for instance, is a big no-no everywhere in the U.S., and being involved (even indirectly) can lead to removal. Other possible examples of conduct that can lead to removal include:

  • Violent felonies (murder, arson, assault with a deadly weapon)
  • Drug felonies (trafficking, manufacturing, possessing large quantities)
  • Large-scale fraud (espionage, money laundering, counterfeiting)

Regardless of your immigration status, the U.S. generally guarantees you certain rights, including legal representation, when facing criminal charges. A strong defense strategy could improve your situation, potentially preventing deportation altogether.

With sound legal guidance, you have a chance to keep the life you have built here in America, even if you have been charged with a crime.